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If you’re feeling insecure….

In his book The Importance of Being Foolish, Brennan Manning writes: “What keeps me feeling insecure are my addictive emotional needs, which must always be satisfied. When reality does not live up to my expectations, I become frustrated, angry, bitter, anxious, and resentful. “For example, say you meet me on the street and tell me you found… Continue reading If you’re feeling insecure….


I don’t have to scream anymore

They’d been running around in circles all morning, yelling, begging their god to answer them—to no avail. So they screamed louder. Louder and longer. And when screaming didn’t work, the 450 desperate prophets drew swords and started cutting themselves till they were a mob of sweaty, stumbling, blood-soaked oafs, still convinced their god would eventually… Continue reading I don’t have to scream anymore