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If you’re feeling insecure….

In his book The Importance of Being Foolish, Brennan Manning writes: “What keeps me feeling insecure are my addictive emotional needs, which must always be satisfied. When reality does not live up to my expectations, I become frustrated, angry, bitter, anxious, and resentful. “For example, say you meet me on the street and tell me you found… Continue reading If you’re feeling insecure….

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The idolatry of numbers (and how He sets us free)

I hate math, but sometimes I act as if numbers are my thing. I’ve been guilty of counting “likes” on my Instagram post, girls in my Bible study, RSVPs to my party, and visitors to my blog. Then, just like a certified hypocrite, I inwardly roll my eyes when a friend boasts about how big… Continue reading The idolatry of numbers (and how He sets us free)

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Suffering is not a competitive sport

Years ago, God gave me a simple mental image that helped me persevere through long years of singleness. I pictured a treasure chest where my tears were stored and turned into eternal reward. By imagining each tear of anguish counting for eternity (see Psalm 126:5), I was able to push on to trust God through… Continue reading Suffering is not a competitive sport