The good news about bad news

In the past decade, going to the doctor has felt a bit like guzzling apple cider vinegar while walking barefoot on hot coals. Not exactly my idea of fun. Thursday’s appointment was no exception—bad news again. Not necessarily cancer, but a complicated cocktail of issues my doctor believes first set my cancer into motion. And… Read More The good news about bad news


Out of the Shadow World

Remember how the Spirit clearly told me that this cancer would be a gift? Well, that gift has taken on a thousand forms—one of which came last fall as I recovered from a year full of surgeries and chemotherapy. I was incapacitated, sitting on my butt in a recliner for weeks on end, thinking about… Read More Out of the Shadow World

Soul Food

Love List

At the risk of sounding morbid—I hope I’m buried with this Love List someday. I was 20 years old when I compiled this collection of God’s promises, and I’ve returned to it time and again in the two decades since. Its truths have held me through life’s best and worst. The world says, “Love yourself.”… Read More Love List