Soul Food


May the wisdom of these dear saints encourage your heart as they have mine. We may live in a dark world, but his Light shines all the brighter. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Take the very hardest thing in your life, the place of difficulty, outward or inward, and expect God to triumph gloriously in… Read More Light


Story (part 2)

At eighteen years old, I had the world on a string. And I was gonna change that world. After all, I loved Jesus, and I had all the giftings and Bible training and connections to make me a huge influencer for his kingdom. I was going to be like one of my heroes—Amy Carmichael, Betty… Read More Story (part 2)

Soul Food

Story (part 1)

Before the foundations of the world were laid, you saw me and knew me and knew my days. You had already determined the era of history, down to the very environment, I would live in. You knew that I would enter a toxic world, a world riddled with crisis and cruelty—but a world of breathtaking… Read More Story (part 1)

Soul Food

The Woman in the Mirror

The Woman in the Mirror tells me I’m almost 44. Which is crazy because just yesterday I was 33. And the day before that I was 22. But there’s no denying it: once-covert wrinkles now flaunt themselves; previously perky-and-woke skin now slumbers. It’s all kinds of awkward to age, people. Even my hormones have formed… Read More The Woman in the Mirror